Compose your own Music!

One of the greatest things about singing is it is so easy to get started writing vocal music. Literally anyone can compose an interesting and new piece. Most people have a range between 3 and 4 octaves which is 36-48 distinct notes available on your instrument. The number of variations using 48 notes is well over several billion, which means that anyone can create a unique song by just humming for a little bit.

You can go about making music any number of ways. Some people will take a melody they like and add words. Others will take words and put it to music. I personally like to just get a chord progression going on my guitar and then just start singing and then recording whatever comes out. You would be surprised how easy it is so long as you just let yourself loose. Don’t get too in your head about it, just let it flow out of you and express your feelings. It can be incredibly therapeutic.

There are many things that can help you start writing. It is very, very, helpful to know how to play guitar, piano, ukulele, or any other good accompaniment instrument you can think of. If you don’t know how to play anything yet today is always a good day to learn something new. But if you want to start writing right away and hear it with someone, find a friend who can play. So many people out there know how and many of them will also be happy to show you how it’s done. People love performing. Not only that but writing music in a group can be so nice too. You can throw ideas back and forth until you come out with something you both love.

One of the most important things I’ll suggest to the budding writer is basic music theory lessons. It is so helpful to understand why chords sound the way they do and what chords tend toward others, knowing what kind of intervals sound good to the ear and which ones don’t, and know what rules are okay to break and being able to be experimental to see what you like. is a great place to get some music theory lessons so you can start being able to read music and also notate it as well. It is really hard for me when I want to work with another artist and they don’t understand what notes are what. Sure you don’t want to get too bogged down rules, and terms, but it is so much easier to communicate what you want with basic music theory.

Speaking of music theory, one of the things you’ll want to understand is the four-chord song. All you need to know to make a good song is four chords. The technical order for it is I-VI-IV-V, or any variation of that order. If you already know how to play guitar then you know a majority of songs are just G, Em, C, D. Mess around with these chords and you can make any song you want and it’ll sound pretty decent. That being said learning to break these rules will certainly help you be extra unique, but it is a starting point! If you are still struggling with the idea of the four chord song, check out the video below by axis of awesome and you’ll understand what I mean.

So get out there and start writing. Put some lyrics on paper and figure what you want each note to do. Record and never ever delete it so that you can come back to old ideas. Don’t worry about how bad you think it is just express yourself and enjoy the process. Anything new can be frustrating but it is so rewarding once you get good at it!


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