Spilling the Milk

Have you ever been on stage and made a mistake? The answer is probably yes, because everyone makes mistakes. It what makes us human. What sets us apart from other groups is how we recover. During my last performance “Some Nights” by FUN, I was giving out the starting note which is a ‘G,’ wait no, it’s ‘D.’ Oops. My group just hummed it and then looked at me all with confused looks when I started counting them off, then right before the cue, I stopped and gave the correct pitch. We all laughed along with the audience and my face turned red. But we recovered and stayed poised and it was fine.

The important thing is it’s not about the mistakes you make but about the greatness that you do achieve.

My group was part of this showcase last year which was just a bunch of groups in northern Colorado putting on a concert to show off all the different voices we have out here. My favorite part about the whole thing was that no one was perfect or flawless, but they also all had strengths that other groups didn’t have. Some were incredibly entertaining with their choreography and energy, but their harmonies weren’t perfectly lined up. One group had a really cool arrangement of a Gorillaz song, but their balance was kind of off. And one group had their soloist reading the lyrics on their phone the whole time. But regardless of any little mistakes or weaknesses, every single group had a wonderful performance and it was a wonderful showcase of talent.

And just to prove that everyone makes mistakes and isn’t perfect check out this video below of my favorite group making some mistakes.

So comment below hilarious mistakes you might have made or seen, See you next week!


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