Author Bio

headshot level selfie.jpgMy name is Zac Quesenberry. I have been singing for about a decade now and it is my one true passion in my life. I started singing after I saw the musical West Side Story for the first time live at a community theater when I was young. Then I started listening to every musical I could find. I have been taking voice lessons as well, and have been learning more classical repertoire as well. I never thought I would want to learn classical techniques because I wanted to sound like a Broadway star, not Pavorotti. But the techniques I have been learning have been so helpful for every style of singing. It is so important for everyone to understand classical singing methods, so that they can understand how to sing healthily without damaging their voice.

I am currently a senior student at Colorado State University getting a Bachelor of the Arts degree for singing, and I hope to get my graduate degree in performance, and vocal pedagogy in the future. Vocal pedagogy is essentially the theory and science behind how the voice actually functions, and all of the different muscles involved. I want to be able to use all of this to someday teach voice lessons to future students. I believe very strongly in the benefits of voice and how the arts can change the whole world.

Mainstreett.jpgI have been the music director of student run group called Mainstreet Acapella for 3 years now. It is a new group to Northern Colorado, and has been around for 4 years. We do all sorts of different gigs such as charity performances, banquets, school functions, and we’ve even covered an engagement proposal.We keep our numbers of performers around 16, losing and gaining singers each year. We sing pop, classic rock, and jazz music. I have done several of my own arrangements for our group and hope to do more even after I leave. Eventually some will be featured on my blog for purchase and perusal. Check out our website and our Facebook page if you like.

I have so many plans that I will be doing with my music career. I already mentioned teaching music, but I also hope to start writing my own music. I really love electronic music and there is so much cool stuff that you can do with it. I also want to find a way to use my music to make a difference in the community, and hope to one day own my own community theater company. I also hope to have my own a cappella group and inspire more people to get out there and sing. I believe music is universally good for the entire world and I will never stop spreading my love of music to every single person.